Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Human genes for anisakiasis

Anisakiasis [DOID:7033]

A parasitic helminthiasis infectious disease that results_in infection located_in intestinal mucosa with larvae of the nematodes transmitted_by ingestion of raw or poorly cooked saltwater fish, has_material_basis_in Anisakis simplex or has_material_basis_in Pseudoterranova decipiens and has_symptom abdominal pain, has_symptom nausea and vomiting. Invasive anisakiasis results in the infection of omentum, pancreas, liver, and lung.

Synonyms:  anisakiasis,  DOID:7033,  anisakiasises,  Infection by Anisakis larva,  Infection by Anisakis larvas