Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature on MCC

MCC [ENSP00000386227]

Colorectal mutant cancer protein; Candidate for the putative colorectal tumor suppressor gene located at 5q21. Suppresses cell proliferation and the Wnt/b- catenin pathway in colorectal cancer cells. Inhibits DNA binding of b-catenin/TCF/LEF transcription factors. Involved in cell migration independently of RAC1, CDC42 and p21-activated kinase (PAK) activation. Represses the beta-catenin pathway (canonical Wnt signaling pathway) in a CCAR2-dependent manner by sequestering CCAR2 to the cytoplasm, thereby impairing its ability to inhibit SIRT1 which is involved in the deacetylation and negative regulation of beta-catenin (CTNB1) transcriptional activity; Belongs to the MCC family.

Synonyms:  D6REY2,  P23508,  D6REY2p,  hD6REY2,  P23508p ...

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