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Literature on RUFY3

RUFY3 [ENSP00000370394]

RUN and FYVE domain-containing protein 3; Plays a role in the generation of neuronal polarity formation and axon growth (By similarity). Implicated in the formation of a single axon by developing neurons (By similarity). May inhibit the formation of additional axons by inhibition of PI3K in minor neuronal processes (By similarity). Plays a role in the formation of F-actin-enriched protrusive structures at the cell periphery. Plays a role in cytoskeletal organization by regulating the subcellular localization of FSCN1 and DBN1 at axonal growth cones (By similarity). Promotes gastric cancer cell migration and invasion in a PAK1-dependent manner; Zinc fingers FYVE-type

Synonyms:  RUFY3,  RUFY3p,  hRUFY3,  A0A024RDD7,  D6RCQ1 ...

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