Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature on CAPRIN1

CAPRIN1 [ENSP00000340329]

Cytoplasmic activation- and proliferation-associated protein 1; May regulate the transport and translation of mRNAs of proteins involved in synaptic plasticity in neurons and cell proliferation and migration in multiple cell types. Binds directly and selectively to MYC and CCND2 RNAs. In neuronal cells, directly binds to several mRNAs associated with RNA granules, including BDNF, CAMK2A, CREB1, MAP2, NTRK2 mRNAs, as well as to GRIN1 and KPNB1 mRNAs, but not to rRNAs.

Synonyms:  CAPRIN1,  CAPRIN1p,  hCAPRIN1,  E9PLA9,  G3V153 ...

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