Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature on USP39

USP39 [ENSP00000312981]

U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP-associated 65 kDa protein; Plays a role in pre-mRNA splicing as a component of the U4/U6-U5 tri-snRNP, one of the building blocks of the spliceosome. Regulates AURKB mRNA levels, and thereby plays a role in cytokinesis and in the spindle checkpoint. Does not have ubiquitin-specific peptidase activity, but could be a competitor of ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolases (UCHs).

Synonyms:  USP39,  USP39p,  hUSP39,  B3KPG7,  B9A018 ...

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