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Literature on C17orf104

C17orf104 [ENSP00000386452]

Meiosis-specific coiled-coil domain-containing protein MEIOC; Is required for meiosis completion in both male and female germ cells. Confers stability to numerous meiotic mRNAs in gonads allowing proper initiation and progression into meiosis prophase I. The function may involve YTHDC2 and is independent of induction by retinoic acid (RA). Maintains an extended meiotic prophase I by properly promoting the transition from a mitotic to a meiotic cell cycle program by binding transcripts through its interaction with YTHDC2 that regulate the mitotic cell cycle.

Synonyms:  C17orf104,  A2RUB1,  C17ORF104,  C9J4A2,  C9JC06 ...

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