Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature on DGKQ

DGKQ [ENSP00000273814]

Diacylglycerol kinase, theta 110kDa; Phosphorylates diacylglycerol (DAG) to generate phosphatidic acid (PA). May regulate the activity of protein kinase C by controlling the balance between these two signaling lipids. Activated in the nucleus in response to alpha-thrombin and nerve growth factor (By similarity). May be involved in cAMP- induced activation of NR5A1 and subsequent steroidogenic gene transcription by delivering PA as ligand for NR5A1. Acts synergistically with NR5A1 on CYP17 transcriptional activity.

Synonyms:  DGKQ,  D6RJB4,  H0Y8Q7,  P52824,  D6RJB4p ...

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