Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature on PVRL3

PVRL3 [ENSP00000418070]

Poliovirus receptor-related protein 3; Plays a role in cell-cell adhesion through heterophilic trans-interactions with nectin-like proteins or nectins, such as trans-interaction with NECTIN2 at Sertoli-spermatid junctions. Trans-interaction with PVR induces activation of CDC42 and RAC small G proteins through common signaling molecules such as SRC and RAP1. Also involved in the formation of cell-cell junctions, including adherens junctions and synapses. Induces endocytosis- mediated down-regulation of PVR from the cell surface, resulting in reduction of cell movement and proliferation. Plays a role in the morphology of the ciliary body.

Synonyms:  PVRL3,  PVRL3p,  hPVRL3,  C9J795,  C9JMW3 ...

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