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Literature on WIPI1

WIPI1 [ENSP00000262139]

WD40 repeat protein interacting with phosphoinositides of 49 kDa; Plays an important role in autophagy and in particular starvation- and calcium-mediated autophagy, as well as in mitophagy. Functions upstream of the ATG12-ATG5-ATG16L1 complex and LC3, and downstream of the ULK1 and PI3-kinase complexes. Involved in xenophagy of Staphylococcus aureus. Invading S.aureus cells become entrapped in autophagosome-like WIPI1 positive vesicles targeted for lysosomal degradation. Plays also a distinct role in controlling the transcription of melanogenic enzymes and melanosome maturation, a process that is distinct from starvation- induced autophagy. May also regulate the trafficking of proteins involved in the mannose-6-phosphate receptor (MPR) recycling pathway; Belongs to the WD repeat SVP1 family.

Synonyms:  WIPI1,  WIPI1p,  hWIPI1,  G5EA37,  K7EK57 ...

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