Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating FAM65B and autosomal dominant nonsyndromic deafness 17

FAM65B [ENSP00000482957]

Rho family-interacting cell polarization regulator 2; Acts as an inhibitor of the small GTPase RHOA and plays several roles in the regulation of myoblast and hair cell differentiation, lymphocyte T proliferation and neutrophil polarization. Inhibits chemokine-induced T lymphocyte responses, such as cell adhesion, polarization and migration. Involved also in the regulation of neutrophil polarization, chemotaxis and adhesion (By similarity). Required for normal development of inner and outer hair cell stereocilia within the cochlea of the inner ear (By similarity). Plays a role for maintaining the structural organization of the basal domain of stereocilia (By similarity). Involved in mechanosensory hair cell function (By similarity). Required for normal hearing; Belongs to the RIPOR family.

Synonyms:  FAM65B,  FAM65Bp,  hFAM65B,  A0A024QZY9,  A0A024R028 ...

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