Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CD177 and neutropenia

CD177 [ENSP00000479536]

Polycythemia rubra vera protein 1; In association with beta-2 integrin heterodimer ITGAM/CD11b and ITGB2/CD18, mediates activation of TNF-alpha primed neutrophils including degranulation and superoxide production. In addition, by preventing beta-2 integrin internalization and attenuating chemokine signaling favors adhesion over migration. Heterophilic interaction with PECAM1 on endothelial cells plays a role in neutrophil transendothelial migration in vitro. However, appears to be dispensable for neutrophil recruitment caused by bacterial infection in vivo. Acts as a receptor for the mature form of protease PRTN3 allowing its display at the cell surface of neutrophils. By displaying PRTN3 at the neutrophil cell surface, may play a role in enhancing endothelial cell junctional integrity and thus vascular integrity during neutrophil diapedesis.

Synonyms:  CD177,  CD177p,  hCD177,  Q8N6Q3,  HNA2A ...

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