Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating RASSF5 and transient myeloproliferative syndrome

RASSF5 [ENSP00000462099]

Regulator for cell adhesion and polarization enriched in lymphoid tissues; Potential tumor suppressor. Seems to be involved in lymphocyte adhesion by linking RAP1A activation upon T-cell receptor or chemokine stimulation to integrin activation. Isoform 2 stimulates lymphocyte polarization and the patch-like distribution of ITGAL/LFA-1, resulting in an enhanced adhesion to ICAM1. Together with RAP1A may participate in regulation of microtubule growth. The association of isoform 2 with activated RAP1A is required for directional movement of endothelial cells during wound healing. May be involved in regulation of Ras apoptotic function. The RASSF5-STK4/MST1 complex may mediate HRAS and KRAS induced apoptosis.

Synonyms:  RASSF5,  RASSF5p,  hRASSF5,  A8K7M4,  FLJ00186 ...

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