Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating ZNF423 and nephronophthisis 14

ZNF423 [ENSP00000455426]

Smad- and Olf-interacting zinc finger protein; Transcription factor that can both act as an activator or a repressor depending on the context. Plays a central role in BMP signaling and olfactory neurogenesis. Associates with SMADs in response to BMP2 leading to activate transcription of BMP target genes. Acts as a transcriptional repressor via its interaction with EBF1, a transcription factor involved in terminal olfactory receptor neurons differentiation; this interaction preventing EBF1 to bind DNA and activate olfactory-specific genes. Involved in olfactory neurogenesis by participating in a developmental switch that regulates the transition from differentiation to maturation in olfactory receptor neurons. Controls proliferation and differentiation of neural precursors in cerebellar vermis formation; Zinc fingers C2H2-type

Synonyms:  ZNF423,  ZNF423p,  hZNF423,  B3KNG7,  F5H7S1 ...

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