Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating ITGA7 and congenital fiber-type disproportion

ITGA7 [ENSP00000452120]

Integrin, alpha 7; Integrin alpha-7/beta-1 is the primary laminin receptor on skeletal myoblasts and adult myofibers. During myogenic differentiation, it may induce changes in the shape and mobility of myoblasts, and facilitate their localization at laminin-rich sites of secondary fiber formation. It is involved in the maintenance of the myofibers cytoarchitecture as well as for their anchorage, viability and functional integrity. Isoform Alpha-7X2B and isoform Alpha-7X1B promote myoblast migration on laminin 1 and laminin 2/4, but isoform Alpha-7X1B is less active on laminin 1 (In vitro). Acts as Schwann cell receptor for laminin-2. Acts as a receptor of COMP and mediates its effect on vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) maturation (By similarity). Required to promote contractile phenotype acquisition in differentiated airway smooth muscle (ASM) cells.

Synonyms:  ITGA7,  ITGA7p,  hITGA7,  G3V2C6,  G3V2I4 ...

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