Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating MIXL1 and germ cell and embryonal cancer

MIXL1 [ENSP00000442439]

MIX1 homeobox-like protein 1; Transcription factor that play a central role in proper axial mesendoderm morphogenesis and endoderm formation. Required for efficient differentiation of cells from the primitive streak stage to blood, by acting early in the recruitment and/or expansion of mesodermal progenitors to the hemangioblastic and hematopoietic lineages. Also involved in the morphogenesis of the heart and the gut during embryogenesis. Acts as a negative regulator of brachyury expression (By similarity); PRD class homeoboxes and pseudogenes

Synonyms:  MIXL1,  MIXL1p,  hMIXL1,  A0A024R3T7,  Q9H2W2 ...

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