Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating TAAR9 and pancreatic somatostatinoma

TAAR9 [ENSP00000424607]

Trace amine associated receptor 9 (gene/pseudogene); Orphan receptor. Could be a receptor for trace amines. Trace amines are biogenic amines present in very low levels in mammalian tissues. Although some trace amines have clearly defined roles as neurotransmitters in invertebrates, the extent to which they function as true neurotransmitters in vertebrates has remained speculative. Trace amines are likely to be involved in a variety of physiological functions that have yet to be fully understood.

Synonyms:  TAAR9,  TAAR9p,  hTAAR9,  Q96RI9,  Q96RI9p ...

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