Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating GFM1 and combined oxidative phosphorylation deficiency

GFM1 [ENSP00000419038]

Elongation factor G 1, mitochondrial; Mitochondrial GTPase that catalyzes the GTP-dependent ribosomal translocation step during translation elongation. During this step, the ribosome changes from the pre-translocational (PRE) to the post-translocational (POST) state as the newly formed A- site-bound peptidyl-tRNA and P-site-bound deacylated tRNA move to the P and E sites, respectively. Catalyzes the coordinated movement of the two tRNA molecules, the mRNA and conformational changes in the ribosome. Does not mediate the disassembly of ribosomes from messenger RNA at the termination of mitochondrial protein biosynthesis; Belongs to the TRAFAC class translation factor GTPase superfamily. Classic translation factor GTPase family. EF-G/EF-2 subfamily.

Synonyms:  GFM1,  GFM1p,  hGFM1,  C9IZ01,  C9JA25 ...

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