Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating KIF5A and distal hereditary motor neuronopathy type 7B

KIF5A [ENSP00000408979]

Kinesin heavy chain neuron-specific 1; Microtubule-dependent motor required for slow axonal transport of neurofilament proteins (NFH, NFM and NFL). Can induce formation of neurite-like membrane protrusions in non-neuronal cells in a ZFYVE27-dependent manner. The ZFYVE27-KIF5A complex contributes to the vesicular transport of VAPA, VAPB, SURF4, RAB11A, RAB11B and RTN3 proteins in neurons; Belongs to the TRAFAC class myosin-kinesin ATPase superfamily. Kinesin family. Kinesin subfamily.

Synonyms:  KIF5A,  KIF5Ap,  hKIF5A,  J3KNA1,  Q12840 ...

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