Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PVR and scimitar syndrome

PVR [ENSP00000402060]

Nectin-like protein 5; Mediates NK cell adhesion and triggers NK cell effector functions. Binds two different NK cell receptors: CD96 and CD226. These interactions accumulates at the cell-cell contact site, leading to the formation of a mature immunological synapse between NK cell and target cell. This may trigger adhesion and secretion of lytic granules and IFN-gamma and activate cytoxicity of activated NK cells. May also promote NK cell-target cell modular exchange, and PVR transfer to the NK cell. This transfer is more important in some tumor cells expressing a lot of PVR, and may trigger fratricide NK cell activation, providing tumors with a mechanism of immunoevasion. Plays a role in mediating tumor cell invasion and migration; Belongs to the nectin family.

Synonyms:  PVR,  F8W7D4,  P15151,  PVR-001,  PVR-002 ...

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