Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating GIGYF2 and Parkinson's disease 3

GIGYF2 [ENSP00000387170]

PERQ amino acid-rich with GYF domain-containing protein 2; Key component of the 4EHP-GYF2 complex, a multiprotein complex that acts as a repressor of translation initiation. In 4EHP-GYF2 the complex, acts as a factor that bridges EIF4E2 to ZFP36/TTP, linking translation repression with mRNA decay (By similarity). May act cooperatively with GRB10 to regulate tyrosine kinase receptor signaling, including IGF1 and insulin receptors; Belongs to the GIGYF family.

Synonyms:  GIGYF2,  GIGYF2p,  hGIGYF2,  A0A024R4A5,  B8ZZD2 ...

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