Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating UNC5D and severe congenital neutropenia 4

UNC5D [ENSP00000385143]

Unc-5 homolog D (C. elegans); Receptor for the netrin NTN4 that promotes neuronal cell survival (By similarity). Plays a role in cell-cell adhesion and cell guidance. Receptor for netrin involved in cell migration. Plays a role in axon guidance by mediating axon repulsion of neuronal growth cones in the developing nervous system upon ligand binding (By similarity). May play a role in apoptosis in response to DNA damage. It also acts as a dependence receptor required for apoptosis induction when not associated with netrin ligand. Mediates cell-cell adhesion via its interaction with FLRT3 on an adjacent cell (By similarity); Belongs to the unc-5 family.

Synonyms:  UNC5D,  UNC5Dp,  hUNC5D,  C9J1I0,  C9J2B6 ...

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