Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating UBE2D2 and squamous papillomatosis

UBE2D2 [ENSP00000381717]

(E3-independent) E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme D2; Accepts ubiquitin from the E1 complex and catalyzes its covalent attachment to other proteins. In vitro catalyzes 'Lys- 48'-linked polyubiquitination. Mediates the selective degradation of short-lived and abnormal proteins. Functions in the E6/E6-AP- induced ubiquitination of p53/TP53. Mediates ubiquitination of PEX5 and autoubiquitination of STUB1 and TRAF6. Involved in the signal-induced conjugation and subsequent degradation of NFKBIA, FBXW2-mediated GCM1 ubiquitination and degradation, MDM2-dependent degradation of p53/TP53 and the activation of MAVS in the mitochondria by DDX58/RIG-I in response to viral infection. Essential for viral activation of IRF3; Ubiquitin conjugating enzymes E2

Synonyms:  UBE2D2,  UBE2D2p,  hUBE2D2,  P62837,  P62837p ...

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