Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating SH3KBP1 and adrenal cortical adenocarcinoma

SH3KBP1 [ENSP00000380921]

SH3 domain-containing kinase-binding protein 1; Adapter protein involved in regulating diverse signal transduction pathways. Involved in the regulation of endocytosis and lysosomal degradation of ligand-induced receptor tyrosine kinases, including EGFR and MET/hepatocyte growth factor receptor, through a association with CBL and endophilins. The association with CBL, and thus the receptor internalization, may inhibited by an interaction with PDCD6IP and/or SPRY2. Involved in regulation of ligand-dependent endocytosis of the IgE receptor. Attenuates phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity by interaction with its regulatory subunit (By similarity). May be involved in regulation of cell adhesion; promotes the interaction between TTK2B and PDCD6IP. May be involved in the regulation of cellular stress response via the MAPK pathways through its interaction with MAP3K4. Is involved in modulation of tumor necrosis factor mediated apoptosis. Plays a role in the regulation of cell morphology and cytoskeletal organization. Required in the control of cell shape and migration.

Synonyms:  SH3KBP1,  SH3KBP1p,  hSH3KBP1,  B7Z6E8,  Q5JPT1 ...

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