Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CSNK1E and advanced sleep phase syndrome

CSNK1E [ENSP00000380044]

Casein kinase I isoform epsilon; Casein kinases are operationally defined by their preferential utilization of acidic proteins such as caseins as substrates. Can phosphorylate a large number of proteins. Participates in Wnt signaling. Phosphorylates DVL1 and DVL2. Central component of the circadian clock. In balance with PP1, determines the circadian period length, through the regulation of the speed and rhythmicity of PER1 and PER2 phosphorylation. Controls PER1 and PER2 nuclear transport and degradation. Inhibits cytokine-induced granuloytic differentiation.

Synonyms:  CSNK1E,  CSNK1Ep,  hCSNK1E,  B0QY34,  B0QY35 ...

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