Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating DNASE1L3 and prolidase deficiency

DNASE1L3 [ENSP00000378053]

DNase I homolog protein DHP2; Has DNA hydrolytic activity. Is capable of both single- and double-stranded DNA cleavage, producing DNA fragments with 3'-OH ends (By similarity). Can cleave chromatin to nucleosomal units and cleaves nucleosomal and liposome-coated DNA. Acts in internucleosomal DNA fragmentation (INDF) during apoptosis and necrosis. The role in apoptosis includes myogenic and neuronal differentiation, and BCR-mediated clonal deletion of self-reactive B cells (By similarity). Is active on chromatin in apoptotic cell-derived membrane-coated microparticles and thus suppresses anti-DNA autoimmunity.

Synonyms:  DNASE1L3,  A0A024R365,  C9J0L2,  C9J9N0,  H7C4R7 ...

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