Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating SCN3B and familial atrial fibrillation

SCN3B [ENSP00000376523]

Sodium channel, voltage-gated, type III, beta subunit; Modulates channel gating kinetics. Causes unique persistent sodium currents. Inactivates the sodium channel opening more slowly than the subunit beta-1. Its association with NFASC may target the sodium channels to the nodes of Ranvier of developing axons and retain these channels at the nodes in mature myelinated axons (By similarity); Belongs to the sodium channel auxiliary subunit SCN3B (TC 8.A.17) family.

Synonyms:  SCN3B,  SCN3Bp,  hSCN3B,  A0A024R3H7,  E9PJP6 ...

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