Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CLEC6A and nail disease

CLEC6A [ENSP00000371505]

Dendritic cell-associated C-type lectin 2; Binds high-mannose carbohydrates in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner. Functional receptor for alpha-mannans on C.albicans hypheas. Plays an important role in the host defense against C.albicans infection by inducing TH17 cell differentiation. Recognizes also, in a mannose-dependent manner, allergens from house dust mite and fungi, by promoting cysteinyl leukotriene production. Recognizes soluble elements from the eggs of Shistosoma mansoni altering adaptive immune responses. Transduces signals through an Fc receptor gamma chain /FCER1G and Syk-CARD9- NF-kappa-B-dependent pathway (By similarity); C-type lectin domain containing

Synonyms:  CLEC6A,  CLEC6Ap,  hCLEC6A,  Q6EIG7,  CLECSF10 ...

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