Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating KATNAL1 and gluten allergy

KATNAL1 [ENSP00000369989]

Katanin p60 ATPase-containing subunit A-like 1; Regulates microtubule dynamics in Sertoli cells, a process that is essential for spermiogenesis and male fertility. Severs microtubules in an ATP-dependent manner, promoting rapid reorganization of cellular microtubule arrays (By similarity). Has microtubule-severing activity in vitro; Belongs to the AAA ATPase family. Katanin p60 subunit A1 subfamily. A-like 1 sub-subfamily.

Synonyms:  KATNAL1,  KATNAL1p,  hKATNAL1,  A0A024RDP8,  A2A3H2 ...

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