Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating GRPR and lung small cell carcinoma

GRPR [ENSP00000369643]

Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor; Receptor for gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP). Signals via association with G proteins that activate a phosphatidylinositol-calcium second messenger system, resulting in Akt phosphorylation. Contributes to the regulation of food intake. Contributes to the perception of prurient stimuli and transmission of itch signals in the spinal cord that promote scratching behavior, but does not play a role in the perception of pain. Contributes primarily to nonhistaminergic itch sensation. Contributes to long-term fear memory, but not normal spatial memory (By similarity); Bombesin receptors

Synonyms:  GRPR,  P30550,  X5D7H2,  P30550p,  hP30550 ...

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