Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating GDF9 and disorders of sexual development

GDF9 [ENSP00000367942]

Growth differentiation factor 9; Required for ovarian folliculogenesis. Promotes primordial follicle development. Stimulates granulosa cell proliferation. Promotes cell transition from G0/G1 to S and G2/M phases, through an increase of CCND1 and CCNE1 expression, and RB1 phosphorylation. It regulates STAR expression and cAMP-dependent progesterone release in granulosa and thecal cells. Attenuates the suppressive effects of activin A on STAR expression and progesterone production by increasing the expression of inhibin B. It suppresses FST and FSTL3 production in granulosa-lutein cells; Endogenous ligands

Synonyms:  GDF9,  GDF9p,  hGDF9,  B4DXG3,  O60383 ...

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