Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating MAGED1 and syndromic X-linked intellectual disability

MAGED1 [ENSP00000364847]

Neurotrophin receptor-interacting MAGE homolog; Involved in the apoptotic response after nerve growth factor (NGF) binding in neuronal cells. Inhibits cell cycle progression, and facilitates NGFR-mediated apoptosis. May act as a regulator of the function of DLX family members. May enhance ubiquitin ligase activity of RING-type zinc finger-containing E3 ubiquitin-protein ligases. Proposed to act through recruitment and/or stabilization of the Ubl-conjugating enzyme (E2) at the E3:substrate complex. Plays a role in the circadian rhythm regulation. May act as RORA co-regulator, modulating the expression of core clock genes such as ARNTL/BMAL1 and NFIL3, induced, or NR1D1, repressed.

Synonyms:  MAGED1,  MAGED1p,  hMAGED1,  Q9Y5V3,  NRAGE ...

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