Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating RPA4 and babesiosis

RPA4 [ENSP00000362131]

Replication protein A 30 kDa subunit; As part of the alternative replication protein A complex, aRPA, binds single-stranded DNA and probably plays a role in DNA repair. Compared to the RPA2-containing, canonical RPA complex, may not support chromosomal DNA replication and cell cycle progression through S-phase. The aRPA may not promote efficient priming by DNA polymerase alpha but could support DNA polymerase delta synthesis in the presence of PCNA and replication factor C (RFC), the dual incision/excision reaction of nucleotide excision repair and RAD51-dependent strand exchange.

Synonyms:  RPA4,  RPA4p,  hRPA4,  Q13156,  Q13156p ...

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