Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating ADA and pericardial effusion

ADA [ENSP00000361965]

Adenosine aminohydrolase; Catalyzes the hydrolytic deamination of adenosine and 2- deoxyadenosine. Plays an important role in purine metabolism and in adenosine homeostasis. Modulates signaling by extracellular adenosine, and so contributes indirectly to cellular signaling events. Acts as a positive regulator of T-cell coactivation, by binding DPP4. Its interaction with DPP4 regulates lymphocyte- epithelial cell adhesion. Enhances dendritic cell immunogenicity by affecting dendritic cell costimulatory molecule expression and cytokines and chemokines secretion (By similarity). Enhances CD4+ T-cell differentiation and proliferation. Acts as a positive modulator of adenosine receptors ADORA1 and ADORA2A, by enhancing their ligand affinity via conformational change. Stimulates plasminogen activation. Plays a role in male fertility. Plays a protective role in early postimplantation embryonic development (By similarity); Adenosine deaminase family

Synonyms:  F5GWI4,  F5GXW0,  F5GYD4,  P00813,  ADA1 ...

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