Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating JUN and embryonal cancer

JUN [ENSP00000360266]

V-jun avian sarcoma virus 17 oncogene homolog; Transcription factor that recognizes and binds to the enhancer heptamer motif 5'-TGA[CG]TCA-3'. Promotes activity of NR5A1 when phosphorylated by HIPK3 leading to increased steroidogenic gene expression upon cAMP signaling pathway stimulation. Involved in activated KRAS-mediated transcriptional activation of USP28 in colorectal cancer (CRC) cells. Binds to the USP28 promoter in colorectal cancer (CRC) cells; Basic leucine zipper proteins

Synonyms:  JUN,  P05412,  P05412p,  hP05412,  1A02 ...

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