Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating SIKE1 and femoral neuropathy

SIKE1 [ENSP00000358541]

Suppressor of IKK-epsilon; Physiological suppressor of IKK-epsilon and TBK1 that plays an inhibitory role in virus- and TLR3-triggered IRF3. Inhibits TLR3-mediated activation of interferon-stimulated response elements (ISRE) and the IFN-beta promoter. May act by disrupting the interactions of IKBKE or TBK1 with TICAM1/TRIF, IRF3 and DDX58/RIG-I. Does not inhibit NF-kappa-B activation pathways; Belongs to the SIKE family.

Synonyms:  SIKE1,  SIKE1p,  hSIKE1,  Q9BRV8,  SIKE1-001 ...

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