Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PRDM1 and oral hairy leukoplakia

PRDM1 [ENSP00000358092]

Beta-interferon gene positive regulatory domain I-binding factor; Transcription factor that mediates a transcriptional program in various innate and adaptive immune tissue-resident lymphocyte T cell types such as tissue-resident memory T (Trm), natural killer (trNK) and natural killer T (NKT) cells and negatively regulates gene expression of proteins that promote the egress of tissue-resident T-cell populations from non-lymphoid organs. Plays a role in the development, retention and long-term establishment of adaptive and innate tissue-resident lymphocyte T cell types in non-lymphoid organs, such as the skin and gut, but also in other nonbarrier tissues like liver and kidney, and therefore may provide immediate immunological protection against reactivating infections or viral reinfection (By similarity). Binds specifically to the PRDI element in the promoter of the beta-interferon gene. Drives the maturation of B- lymphocytes into Ig secreting cells. Associates with the transcriptional repressor ZNF683 to chromatin at gene promoter regions (By similarity); PR/SET domain family

Synonyms:  PRDM1,  PRDM1p,  hPRDM1,  B2REA4,  B2REA5 ...

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