Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating S100A13 and conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasm

S100A13 [ENSP00000357688]

S100 calcium binding protein A13; Plays a role in the export of proteins that lack a signal peptide and are secreted by an alternative pathway. Binds two calcium ions per subunit. Binds one copper ion. Binding of one copper ion does not interfere with calcium binding. Required for the copper-dependent stress-induced export of IL1A and FGF1. The calcium-free protein binds to lipid vesicles containing phosphatidylserine, but not to vesicles containing phosphatidylcholine (By similarity).

Synonyms:  S100A13,  S100A13p,  hS100A13,  D3DV53,  Q99584 ...

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