Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating IVNS1ABP and avian influenza

IVNS1ABP [ENSP00000356468]

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-associated protein 3; Plays a role in cell division and in the dynamic organization of the actin skeleton as a stabilizer of actin filaments by association with F-actin through Kelch repeats. Protects cells from cell death induced by actin destabilization; Protects neurons from dendritic spines and actin filaments damage induced by the actin-destabilizing cytochalasin B when overexpressed. Activates Erk signaling pathway when overexpressed in cultured cell lines (By similarity). May be a component of the cellular splicing machinery with a role in pre-mRNA splicing; may mediate the inhibition of splicing by NS/influenza virus NS1A protein. Functions as modifier of the AHR/Aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway increasing the concentration of AHR available to activate transcription; BTB domain containing

Synonyms:  IVNS1ABP,  B3KSM1,  H0Y5Y2,  Q9Y6Y0,  X6R674 ...

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