Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating CALD1 and urethral benign neoplasm

CALD1 [ENSP00000354826]

Caldesmon; Actin- and myosin-binding protein implicated in the regulation of actomyosin interactions in smooth muscle and nonmuscle cells (could act as a bridge between myosin and actin filaments). Stimulates actin binding of tropomyosin which increases the stabilization of actin filament structure. In muscle tissues, inhibits the actomyosin ATPase by binding to F-actin. This inhibition is attenuated by calcium-calmodulin and is potentiated by tropomyosin. Interacts with actin, myosin, two molecules of tropomyosin and with calmodulin. Also plays an essential role during cellular mitosis and receptor capping. Involved in Schwann cell migration during peripheral nerve regeneration (By similarity).

Synonyms:  CALD1,  CALD1p,  hCALD1,  A0A140VKA0,  C9J813 ...

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