Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating FCGR2B and cerebral malaria

FCGR2B [ENSP00000351497]

Low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II-b; Receptor for the Fc region of complexed or aggregated immunoglobulins gamma. Low affinity receptor. Involved in a variety of effector and regulatory functions such as phagocytosis of immune complexes and modulation of antibody production by B- cells. Binding to this receptor results in down-modulation of previous state of cell activation triggered via antigen receptors on B-cells (BCR), T-cells (TCR) or via another Fc receptor. Isoform IIB1 fails to mediate endocytosis or phagocytosis. Isoform IIB2 does not trigger phagocytosis; CD molecules

Synonyms:  FCGR2B,  FCGR2Bp,  hFCGR2B,  FCGR2B-001,  FCGR2B-002 ...

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