Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating SYCP2 and tonsil squamous cell carcinoma

SYCP2 [ENSP00000350162]

Synaptonemal complex lateral element protein; Major component of the axial/lateral elements of synaptonemal complexes (SCS) during meiotic prophase. Plays a role in the assembly of synaptonemal complexes. Required for normal meiotic chromosome synapsis during oocyte and spermatocyte development and for normal male and female fertility. Required for insertion of SYCP3 into synaptonemal complexes. May be involved in the organization of chromatin by temporarily binding to DNA scaffold attachment regions. Requires SYCP3, but not SYCP1, in order to be incorporated into the axial/lateral elements; Belongs to the SYCP2 family.

Synonyms:  SYCP2,  SYCP2p,  hSYCP2,  A2A2M9,  A2A340 ...

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