Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating RBM38 and erythema infectiosum

RBM38 [ENSP00000348538]

RNA-binding region-containing protein 1; RNA-binding protein that specifically bind the 3'-UTR of CDKN1A transcripts, leading to maintain the stability of CDKN1A transcripts, thereby acting as a mediator of the p53/TP53 family to regulate CDKN1A. CDKN1A is a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor transcriptionally regulated by the p53/TP53 family to induce cell cycle arrest. Isoform 1, but not isoform 2, has the ability to induce cell cycle arrest in G1 and maintain the stability of CDKN1A transcripts induced by p53/TP53. Also acts as a mRNA splicing factor. Specifically regulates the expression of FGFR2- IIIb, an epithelial cell-specific isoform of FGFR2. Plays a role in myogenic differentiation; Belongs to the RBM38 family.

Synonyms:  RBM38,  RBM38p,  hRBM38,  A6NG75,  E9PSF1 ...

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