Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating KHDRBS3 and osteopetrosis

KHDRBS3 [ENSP00000348108]

KH domain-containing, RNA-binding, signal transduction-associated protein 3; RNA-binding protein that plays a role in the regulation of alternative splicing and influences mRNA splice site selection and exon inclusion. Binds preferentially to the 5'-[AU]UAAA-3' motif in vitro. Binds optimally to RNA containing 5'-[AU]UAA-3' as a bipartite motif spaced by more than 15 nucleotides. Binds poly(A). RNA-binding abilities are down-regulated by tyrosine kinase PTK6. Involved in splice site selection of vascular endothelial growth factor. In vitro regulates CD44 alternative splicing by direct binding to purine-rich exonic enhancer (By similarity). Can regulate alternative splicing of neurexins NRXN1- 3 in the laminin G-like domain 6 containing the evolutionary conserved neurexin alternative spliced segment 4 (AS4) involved in neurexin selective targeting to postsynaptic partners such as neuroligins and LRRTM family members. Targeted, cell-type specific splicing regulation of NRXN1 at AS4 is involved in neuronal glutamatergic synapse function and plasticity (By similarity). May regulate expression of KHDRBS2/SLIM-1 in defined brain neuron populations by modifying its alternative splicing (By similarity). Can bind FABP9 mRNA (By similarity). May play a role as a negative regulator of cell growth. Inhibits cell proliferation.

Synonyms:  KHDRBS3,  KHDRBS3p,  hKHDRBS3,  E5RG12,  E5RHD3 ...

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