Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating LIN54 and hemopericardium

LIN54 [ENSP00000341947]

Lin-54 DREAM MuvB core complex component; Component of the DREAM complex, a multiprotein complex that can both act as a transcription activator or repressor depending on the context. In G0 phase, the complex binds to more than 800 promoters and is required for repression of E2F target genes. In S phase, the complex selectively binds to the promoters of G2/M genes whose products are required for mitosis and participates in their cell cycle dependent activation. In the complex, acts as a DNA- binding protein that binds the promoter of CDK1 in a sequence- specific manner. Specifically recognizes the consensus motif 5'-TTYRAA-3' in target DNA; Belongs to the lin-54 family.

Synonyms:  LIN54,  LIN54p,  hLIN54,  A0A024RDD8,  D6REW4 ...

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