Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating IL17F and autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome

IL17F [ENSP00000337432]

Interleukin 17F; Ligand for IL17RA and IL17RC. The heterodimer formed by IL17A and IL17F is a ligand for the heterodimeric complex formed by IL17RA and IL17RC. Involved in stimulating the production of other cytokines such as IL6, IL8 and CSF2, and in regulation of cartilage matrix turnover. Also involved in stimulating the proliferation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and T-cells and in inhibition of angiogenesis. Plays a role in the induction of neutrophilia in the lungs and in the exacerbation of antigen-induced pulmonary allergic inflammation (By similarity); Belongs to the IL-17 family.

Synonyms:  IL17F,  IL17Fp,  hIL17F,  Q96PD4,  IL-17F ...

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