Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating KCNK18 and migraine without aura

KCNK18 [ENSP00000334650]

TWIK-related spinal cord potassium channel; Outward rectifying potassium channel. Produces rapidly activating outward rectifier K(+) currents. May function as background potassium channel that sets the resting membrane potential. Channel activity is directly activated by calcium signal. Activated by the G(q)-protein coupled receptor pathway. The calcium signal robustly activates the channel via calcineurin, whereas the anchoring of 14-3-3/YWHAH interferes with the return of the current to the resting state after activation. Inhibited also by arachidonic acid and other naturally occurring unsaturated free fatty acids. Channel activity is also enhanced by volatile anesthetics, such as isoflurane. Appears to be the primary target of hydroxy-alpha-sanshool, an ingredient of Schezuan pepper. May be involved in the somatosensory function with special respect to pain sensation (By similarity); Belongs to the two pore domain potassium channel (TC 1.A.1.8) family.

Synonyms:  KCNK18,  KCNK18p,  hKCNK18,  Q7Z418,  Q7Z418p ...

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