Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating HOMER1 and babesiosis

HOMER1 [ENSP00000334382]

Homer homolog 1 (Drosophila); Postsynaptic density scaffolding protein. Binds and cross-links cytoplasmic regions of GRM1, GRM5, ITPR1, DNM3, RYR1, RYR2, SHANK1 and SHANK3. By physically linking GRM1 and GRM5 with ER-associated ITPR1 receptors, it aids the coupling of surface receptors to intracellular calcium release. May also couple GRM1 to PI3 kinase through its interaction with AGAP2. Isoform 1 regulates the trafficking and surface expression of GRM5. Isoform 3 acts as a natural dominant negative, in dynamic competition with constitutively expressed isoform 1 to regulate synaptic metabotropic glutamate function. Isoform 3, may be involved in the structural changes that occur at synapses during long-lasting neuronal plasticity and development; Belongs to the Homer family.

Synonyms:  HOMER1,  HOMER1p,  hHOMER1,  Q86YM6,  Q86YM7 ...

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