Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PLB1 and opportunistic mycosis

PLB1 [ENSP00000330442]

Phospholipase B1, membrane-associated; Membrane-associated phospholipase. Exhibits a calcium- independent broad substrate specificity including phospholipase A2/lysophospholipase activity. Preferential hydrolysis at the sn-2 position of diacylphospholipids and diacyglycerol, whereas it shows no positional specificity toward triacylglycerol. Exhibits also esterase activity toward p-nitrophenyl. May act on the brush border membrane to facilitate the absorption of digested lipids (By similarity); Phospholipases

Synonyms:  PLB1,  PLB1p,  hPLB1,  C9JYQ2,  H7BZW4 ...

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