Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating ZFPM1 and X-linked thrombocytopenia with beta-thalassemia

ZFPM1 [ENSP00000326630]

Zinc finger protein, FOG family member 1; Transcription regulator that plays an essential role in erythroid and megakaryocytic cell differentiation. Essential cofactor that acts via the formation of a heterodimer with transcription factors of the GATA family GATA1, GATA2 and GATA3. Such heterodimer can both activate or repress transcriptional activity, depending on the cell and promoter context. The heterodimer formed with GATA proteins is essential to activate expression of genes such as NFE2, ITGA2B, alpha- and beta-globin, while it represses expression of KLF1. May be involved in regulation of some genes in gonads. May also be involved in cardiac development, in a non-redundant way with ZFPM2/FOG2 (By similarity).

Synonyms:  ZFPM1,  ZFPM1p,  hZFPM1,  Q8IX07,  FOG1 ...

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