Disease-gene associations mined from literature

Literature associating PA1 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

PA1 [ENSP00000326519]

PAXIP1 associated glutamate-rich protein 1; Its association with the histone methyltransferase MLL2/MLL3 complex is suggesting a role in epigenetic transcriptional activation. However, in association with PAXIP1/PTIP is proposed to function at least in part independently of the MLL2/MLL3 complex. Proposed to be recruited by PAXIP1 to sites of DNA damage where the PAGR1:PAXIP1 complex is required for cell survival in response to DNA damage independently of the MLL2/MLL3 complex. However, its function in DNA damage has been questioned (By similarity). During immunoglobulin class switching in activated B-cells is involved in transcription regulation of downstream switch regions at the immunoglobulin heavy-chain (Igh) locus independently of the MLL2/MLL3 complex (By similarity). Involved in both estrogen receptor-regulated gene transcription and estrogen-stimulated G1/S cell-cycle transition. Acts as transcriptional cofactor for nuclear hormone receptors. Inhibits the induction properties of several steroid receptors such as NR3C1, AR and PPARG; the mechanism of inhibition appears to be gene-dependent.

Synonyms:  PAGR1,  PAGR1p,  hPAGR1,  Q9BTK6,  C16orf53 ...

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